Equality & Diversity

Woking College students come from a range of backgrounds and we celebrate this in many ways. Staff are actively committed to including equality and diversity in the way they teach and interact with students.

We regularly look at student results and surveys to see if any groups are disadvantaged, and are actively working to close any gaps that appear in results and student experience.

Equality and Diversity Weeks

During our equality and diversity weeks we have key issues to discuss during tutor times.

Our weeks this year are:

  • Disability awareness week: SPRING 2019
  • Spirituality and belief: 10th- 14th  December 2018
  • Gender and Sexuality: 4th– 8th February 2019

During our spirituality and diversity week we will also have a lunchtime devoted to encouraging people from a range of different beliefs, including those who do not classify themselves as religious, to learn more about the religious diversity of the college. Students and teachers from a range of different background and a range of different faiths will meet one lunchtime that week. TBC

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meet every Friday at lunchtime in the dance studio. They discuss issues relating to sexuality and gender, and also provide support, guidance and information to anyone who needs it.

International Club

Woking College is home to students from all around the world. The International Club is a place for them to meet, talk, build relationships and organise for events.

Student Union

The Student Union regularly votes for an Equality & Diversity representative. This year, your representative is Eddy Ward. Speak to them if you have any questions or concerns.

Staff Equality and Diversity Representatives

The staff Equality & Diversity committee is currently composed of four members. This dream team is headed up by Liz Bentley-Pattison and composed of Josh Block, Samad Naheem and Sarah Williams



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