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We are proud to uphold the ‘British Values’ at Woking College and recognise these as the values that underpin our own community. Our Woking College Values support all that we do at Woking College and students will see this reflected in their subjects, tutor sessions and the expectations we have for one another.  These values are as follows:

Mutual Respect



Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

We consider our community at Woking College to be a microcosm that helps to prepare all learners for life outside of education. Through our implementation of Woking Values, we encourage all students to engage in the community and understand the foundations of our broader society. Alongside our Woking Values provision, students will also access a #WE18YOSK programme which equips learners with ‘What Every 18 Year Old Should Know’ and further prepares them for life after College. To find out more about Woking Values and the ‘What Every 18 Year Old Should Know’ programme follow @wokingcollege_we18yosk on Instagram.