Meet the Principal

Woking College is devoted to meeting the needs of sixth form students; the teachers, the facilities, the extra-curricular activities and the support we offer outside lessons are all designed to meet your needs.

Outstanding teaching produces excellent results – over the last 8 years our students have achieved outstanding results and that is because our teachers are all specialists in their subjects and in teaching your age group.  Our teachers will challenge you to achieve your personal best so that you will have the widest set of university and career choices available to you.

We recognise that all students have different needs and so our pastoral teams will support and push and challenge you, and that means you – as an individual; that may mean additional help outside of class or it may mean helping you to access the higher-level learning you need for your university interviews.

We will treat our students as adults and that means taking many opportunities to consult you whilst you are here about the quality of your lessons and how we might better run the College;  but placing you at the centre of what we do does not mean we do not value the support of parents and carers.  We issue more reports and hold more parents evenings than school sixth forms and we do everything we can to work with families to maximise achievement and therefore your life choices.

The brilliant range of extracurricular activities here will also help build your CV so you can present yourself as more than just a list of good grades. We will encourage you to get involved, whether by serving in the Student Union, through sports, the arts, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, work experience and many other opportunities. Taking part will put you in a position in which you can choose your life-path, rather than having to hope to be chosen.

Woking College, its staff and facilities, provides you with a sixth-form specialist provision which gives you the best chance of success.

I hope you take this wonderful opportunity to study at Woking College and I can look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Brett Freeman