Student Union

At Woking College our Students have a real voice and are integral to decisions made to build on and improve all area of student life. The Student Union is an elected student body which represents the views and ambitions of our students. Each year the S.U take on many College, charity and social projects. Our current Student President Effi Fiorini has this to say.


Coming out of one of the most difficult years in history to be a student, the Staff and Student Union are here for all the students at Woking College, to support everyone in our journey back to normality.

Things have been tough for us all and we have all had to adjust, as well as miss out on the College experience we expected and looked forward to. As your new
Student Union team, we hope to get things back on track and encourage a happy and healthy College environment, full of positivity for the future.

Woking College has always been a hub of excitement full of social events, clubs and extra-curricular activities, as well as an excellent track record in academics.
Whilst government restrictions are gradually being eased, we hope to continue this legacy of student success and make a fun and creative College for all students.

Our College is diverse, inclusive and encouraging. We want every student to have the best chance at building their dream future, whilst enjoying their time
and making the most of the opportunities the College provides. You should expect to receive guidance on career choices, university options, workplace apprentices and generally on what your next steps are in life.

The College staff are on hand to support us and help all students achieve their full potential. If you are struggling academically or personally, the staff and excellent pastoral team will offer all the
support you need.

We, as the Student Union, will be working hard to try to get students the best College experience both academically and socially. We’re planning social events and working hard to take on the student voice in everything we do. We want to be the voice of the students! Let us hear your ideas and thoughts so we can work together to build a great College experience for all.

If you’re thinking of joining us here at Woking College, please do reach out and speak to us! We have amazing state of the art facilities, a fantastic teaching team and a student body that is diverse, supportive, inclusive and successful. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you in the future onto campus.

Woking College is a place where every student should feel valued and respected. It is also a place where we are all expected to value and respect each other. Together we can build on the legacy of excellence and help each other to grow and flourish, even when times are tough.