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Woking College has partnered with the Woking Blackhawks to create a new training academy where talented basketball players aged 16-19 can combine basketball training with their academic studies.

The Academy is open to students 16-19 who wish to study A levels or BTECs at Woking College whilst receiving 5 hours of basketball training from a professional Blackhawks coach.

The programme will include nutrition advice, gym training and advice about sports scholarships and progression to university.

You will train in the superb facilities at Woking College including a large sports hall and well-equipped gym.

The Woking Blackhawk Basketball Academy play in the College league and Tier 3 and soon, C.B.L. (TBC)

To apply, choose which A levels or BTECs, or a combination of both that you wish to study and register your interest in the Blackhawks Basketball Academy on the application form. (Section 6 – Additional Information)

Women’s Basketball: We currently do not have a women’s team but those joining us can play with the Men’s team in the College League.

Team 22/23

Team 21/22

Team 23/24

Basketball Programme

  • Training: At College, Minimum 3-5hrs per week (Game Wednesdays Daytime)
  • Gym Sessions: 2 x Sessions provided per week (TBC)
  • Kit: Game kit provided.
  • Transport: Transport is provided to and from away games.
  • Leagues: We play in the Surrey College League: CBL (TBC)
  • Coaching: Coaching staff are qualified to L2 NBL
  • Women’s Team: We currently do not have a women’s team but those joining can play with the Men’s team in the College League.

The benefits of playing Basketball

Basketball is a popular sport in the UK and many colleges offer programs that allow students to play and compete at various levels. In this section, we will explore some of the benefits of playing basketball at college in the UK. 


  • Physical Health: Playing basketball is an excellent form of physical activity that helps to keep the body fit and healthy. Regular exercise helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke and helps maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Mental Health: Basketball is a great stress reliever and can help to reduce anxiety and depression. The social interaction and team dynamic of playing basketball can also boost self-esteem and help to improve overall mental health. 
  • Skill Development: Playing basketball at college allows students to develop and improve their basketball skills in a supportive environment. With regular practices and games, students can hone their skills and become more confident in their abilities. 
  • Socialisation: Basketball is a team sport, which means that players get to interact with others and form new relationships. This can help to build social skills, make new friends, and foster a sense of community. 
  • College Preparation: Playing basketball at college can help to prepare students for life after college by teaching them valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication. These skills are highly sought after by employers and can help students succeed in their future careers. 


In conclusion, playing basketball at Woking College offers a wide range of benefits for students. From physical health to mental well-being, skill development to socialisation, basketball is a great way to stay active, meet new people, and have fun. So, if you’re looking for a fun and rewarding activity, consider joining the Woking College Blackhawks Basketball Team.

Meet the team.

Get to meet the team. How and why they got into basketball, their aspirations and the benefits of playing the game.

A good leader always leads by example so our first “meet the team member ” is …..

Brett Greenwood


Coach - Brett Greenwood
Coach - Brett Greenwood
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Why did you choose Basketball over Football for example?

Basketball is more fast-paced, and everyone must get involved to help win on both offence and defence.

How did you get into Basketball, when did you start?

I was a kid who picked up a ball and threw it at a hoop once, instead of kicking it. I found joy in getting the ball through the hoop and began being coached at age 8.

Who did you play for, was it always the Blackhawks?

I started my competitive playing at Kingston Wildcats from 11 to 15 years old. I then was convinced to join Woking Blackhawks through a friend and spent a year with the club. After my time at Woking, I joined a high-level academy – Reading Rockets. I was fortunate to make a National Final and be coached by the GB U18 Coach here. I then played for the Surrey Scorchers Academy, trained with their men’s BBL squad and even featured in a league game. COVID then hit which halted my basketball playing and started my passion for coaching.

What position do you/did you play?

I play and have always played a mix of Point Guard or Shooting Guard, except for when I was 13/14 where they tried to make me the Centre as I was 6’1!

How did you get into coaching and why?

My old coach at Woking reached out to me post-COVID. They had a team competing in the U16 Premier National League, none of the coaches or players at the club had experience at this level. I had played at this level and higher, so I went down to a field to help whip them into shape. By the time we were allowed to play inside again, I had completed the Coaching course and took on an U14 squad myself.

What level do you coach at and what your aspirations are … maybe coach for a BBL team?

Not sure in all honesty, I am currently in the Aspire program and Assistant Coach South East England. I would like to progress here and maybe be involved with the National Team someday soon.

How do you feel about the possibility of winning the title 2 years in a row?

We are currently on course to go 2 years in a row undefeated! It’s a pleasure to coach a bunch of players who are hungry to learn, compete and win.

Why should someone come to Woking College and join the Woking College Basketball Academy?

It is a rapidly growing program, that has the potential to be very successful with great facilities. It is connected to the largest basketball club in Surrey!

Zaid Mahmood


Player - Zaid Mahmood
Player - Zaid Mahmood
Player - Zaid Mahmood
Player - Zaid Mahmood
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Why did you choose Basketball? Do you play any other sports?

I actually used to be a huge football fanatic, I was even captain of the team I played for. Basketball just felt more natural to me and the culture surrounding it was one that I wanted to be a part of.

How did you get into Basketball, when did you start?

One of my friends in year 8 was American, where the sport is integrated into society, and he introduced me to basketball. We played at break times, even though we weren’t very good at that time.

Who do you play for? Was it always the Blackhawks?

I started my basketball journey with Blackhawks in my senior u16 season and am still here two years later. Prior to that, I had only played at local parks with friends and for my secondary school team, which is a whole different experience to organised basketball. Playing in local parks really developed my love for the sport. 

 How often do you train per week?

Currently, I train 4 times a week alongside one or two matches a week.

 Are you off to University, will you join the Uni team?

At the moment, my plan is to enrol at the University of Surrey. I am undecided whether or not I will join the team there, but I have heard great things about their team and facilities.

 Do you watch the NBA? Who is your favourite player?

When I have the time, I do watch some NBA games – especially the playoffs. My favourite player is LeBron James (the GOAT, obviously).

 Why should someone come to Woking College and join the Woking College Basketball Academy?

 Woking College has curated an inspiring basketball culture that anyone who enjoys the sport would want to be a part of. Through our hard work, the College is now known to many people as a place to get the best out of your basketball abilities. This is mainly due to our, so far, undefeated record spanning two years.

 Has being in a Basketball team helped your confidence, got you new friends etc?

Being in a team has definitely helped me express myself fully as it allows me to feel comfortable, doing what I love. I have made many new friends along the way and have been through failure and success alongside them, which strengthened our bond completely.

Game Updates and News

Game Results 23-24 Season

Date Where Vs Score Woking
Wed 27-09 Home Reigate 66-49 Win
Wed 18-10 Away SJB 66-44 Win
Wed 15-11 Home Glyn 71-28 Win
Wed 22-11 Away Godalming 61-55 Win
Wed 17-01-24 Home


66-41 Win
Wed 31-01-24 Away Reigate 73-51 Win
Wed 13-04-24 Home Godalming 77-64 Win


Season 22/23 League Champions

The Woking College team go 10-0 in the Surrey Sixth Form League to claim the title🏆 Congratulations to the team.


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