Can I change my subjects if I change my mind?

The courses chosen at the initial interview are for our guidance only. So if you change your mind before enrolment, new subject combinations will usually work. The final choice of subject is made at enrolment in late August or early September, after you have your GCSE results.

We encourage you to think carefully about your chosen courses so that you will not have to change once lessons have started.

However, in the first few weeks it is usually possible to change a subject if you really need to. But don’t leave it too long, as there will be missed work to catch up on.

Can I study A levels & vocational courses along side each other?

Yes if the timetable can accommodate your choices this is a possible option.

Do I get help with my University application?

Yes. Our staff and personal tutors are very experienced in handling your university applications. Students attend events, Higher Education fairs and representatives from a number of universities visit the College. We have a dedicated Oxbridge advisor and take our candidates to the Oxbridge conference each year. All UCAS applications are checked by personal tutors and we have a well-stocked university prospectus library to help you with your choices. Expert support is provided for those students who wish to progress to specialist colleges, for example in Music, Art or Drama or who wish to study Medicine where our experienced STEM Coordinator will advise you. The vast majority of our students secure their first choice of university places. There are information sessions for parents to help them understand the process and to assist them in supporting students.

How do I find out about courses at Woking College?

This website lists all our courses and you can request a prospectus and we will include any subject information sheets that you may be interested in. Our Open Evening in October is a great time to visit the College and talk with subject teachers to find out about courses that you are interested in.

How do I find out about my young person in your care's progress?

Woking College closely monitors each student’s academic achievements and their personal and social development. All students are set challenging targets which reflect the fact that the vast majority perform significantly better with us than their GCSE scores might predict. Our well-established system of tutor support and guidance allows students to meet each week with a personal tutor individually and together as a tutor group. Progress reports are sent home on a half-termly basis. There are two Academic Tutoring Days per year to which students and parents are invited to discuss the student’s progress. These provide the ideal opportunity to meet personal and subject tutors.

How many students are in the classes?

This depends on the subject but an average number would be 18. Some are smaller. Classes are usually no more than 20 students.

Is there a catchment area for the College?

We don’t have a catchment area. We make sure at interview that we have the right course for you. As Woking has the best train and bus service in the region, most areas are served by public transport. We take students from over 80 different schools including our 3 partner schools. This makes Woking a dynamic and diverse environment in which to study.

What happens if I don't achieve my expected grades?

Don’t panic! We have an Advice and Guidance service at the College when your results come out. This will be available on the morning of the day of your GCSE results. We will do our best to accommodate you in the College and will give you advice on your chosen courses and your GCSE grades.

What is a typical day at Woking College?

A typical day depends on what courses you are taking but in general our teaching day starts at 8.45am and ends at 4.05pm Monday to Friday. Each AS or A level subject has five hours of teaching per week and you are required to attend college 5 days per week. Study periods should be used wisely for private study and there are places where you can carry out your independent learning. Wednesday afternoon is allocated to extra curricular activities such as sport, music, drama etc.

When it comes to careers advice what help can I expect?

Woking College has a dedicated Progression Team which offers professional advice on careers and next steps Higher Education. An annual Progression Conference takes place at the College where high calibre external speakers and organisations are on hand to advise students.

Throughout the year, the College invites speakers and international companies to address students. Speakers last year included KPMG, McLaren and Proctor & Gamble.

Expert advice is given on completing UCAS applications and all applications are checked and approved by the Progression Team.

Advice on work placements is given and all our BTEC students are secured work placements.

When should I apply to Woking College?

Woking College is an oversubscribed College so we advise you to submit your application as early as possible in year 11. Our prospectus is available from June when applications for the next academic year are accepted. We have an Open Evening in October which is a good opportunity for you to view the College and submit your application.