Access Arrangements

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  • The Learning Support Department, together with the Examinations Officer, is involved with obtaining examination access arrangements, including extra time, scribes, readers, prompts, rest breaks and/or word processors.
  • All examination arrangements have to be applied for by February and need to be approved by the examination board. Students should provide all existing evidence and information relating to their examination arrangements/learning needs upon enrolment at College, however an additional assessment may need to be arranged by Learning Support should this information not be sufficient.
  • There is no guarantee that the same examination arrangements as at school will be approved at College.
  • The JCQ documentation: “Access Arrangements & Special Considerations” ( provides more detailed information about the criteria and paperwork required for each individual arrangement.
  • It is important that you inform the Learning Support department at the earliest opportunity (ideally at interview or enrolment) if you believe you (or the young person in your care) should qualify to receive examination access arrangements.  This will enable the department to action this