Parents' Portal

Welcome to our Parents’ Portal which we hope will provide you with information to ensure all our students get the most out of their time at College.

As parents you can help in several ways:

  • Understand that College life can be different than school life. Our aim is to encourage students to take more responsibility for their learning and personal development whilst still being supported by you and the College. The motto is “allow them space to develop”, but still be there for them.
  • Our Parents Handbook 2023-24is a comprehensive guide to all you might need to know during the students time with us. Take some time to review it.
  • Have knowledge of their timetable. You can get a copy of this by contacting
  • Consult the if you wish to discuss any issue you may have.
  • Keep in touch with Heads of Departments if there are any academic queries.
  • Always contact the College in case of absences and don’t forget students are not allowed to take holiday leave during term time.
  • Utilize the online payment system for trips, exam re-sits etc. through Wisepay
  • Work, rest and play. Help students to get the balance right.
  • Please CLICK HERE to access the College’s “Further Education & Skills Parents and Carers Questionnaire” provided by Ofsted. This helps you to give your views on us as a College if your young person in your care is currently enrolled with us. Inspectors use the results of this questionnaire during inspection to identify issues to look into more detail. Queries regarding filling out the questionnaire can be directed to