Equality Diversity Inclusion

Mission Statement

Woking College is committed to creating and maintaining a working and learning environment for staff and students alike that is free from any form of harassment or bullying. The Equality and Diversity Policy aims to ensure that neither staff nor students are discriminated against on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic or national origins, marital status, domestic circumstances, age, sexuality, disability, political or religious beliefs. Procedures exist to monitor compliance with this policy and to deal with any grievances.

Student voice is central to all we do. Each department has an EDI staff champion and student EDI reps. They meet regularly to drive initiatives and improvements at the department and whole college level. Equality, diversity and inclusion are celebrated in a range of events and our college themed weeks. These weeks launch with a student prepared PowerPoint as part of our pastoral programme.

The College is proud to have been assessed as ‘outstanding for social inclusion’ by the Ofsted Inspectorate. All appropriate facilities are made available to students with disabilities and a designated tutor assesses their needs when applying to the College. 

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Gender & Sexuality Alliance

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meet every Friday at lunchtime in the dance studio. They discuss issues relating to sexuality and gender, and also provide support, guidance and information to anyone who needs it.

International Club

Woking College is home to students from all around the world. The International Club is a place for them to meet, talk, build relationships and organise for events

Student Union

The Student Union regularly votes for an Equality & Diversity representative. This year, your representative is Sebastian James. Speak to them if you have any questions or concerns.

Staff Equality and Diversity Representatives

The staff Equality & Diversity Committee is currently composed of a representative from each department. This team is lead by Emma Hobbs

Staff Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champions

Department Pledges

Visual arts
Contact Details

Cherrie Coxhillcco@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

Promote diversity within our department through our curriculum planning, teaching and learning and the breadth of materials, techniques and processes we explore. We will integrate and celebrate the diverse perspectives of artists, designers and cultures. We will work to raise the profile of underrepresented groups in art and design through our themed weeks and EDI displays to educate and inspire. We will foster inclusivity and celebrate every student as a unique and individual artist. By committing to this pledge, we affirm our dedication to creating an inclusive and equitable environment where creativity thrives and all individuals can achieve their potential in Art and Design. 

Film and Media
Contact Details

Michael Foxmfo@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

The Media and Film Department pledge to promote diversity to our students by continuing to analyse films that embrace a range of cultures, analysing music videos that show performers from a range of ethnicities and creating media products (e.g. trailers, posters, magazine articles and TV advertisements) that use actors of different genders and backgrounds. The products will discussed, analysed and, in some instances, accompanied by text that identifies and explains relevant ethical considerations. 

Contact Details

Julie Peachjpe@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

Our safe and friendly ESOL classes welcome students of any age, race, religious affiliation, dis/ability, gender identity or sexual orientation. 

As you progress through our classes, you will improve your communication skills to increase your access to work, further education and opportunities in the UK. 

Contact Details

Thomas Wheelertwh@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

The English department recognises the significant role we play in engaging with a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. We pledge to make the most of all opportunities both in our curriculum and within our classroom discussions to promote and engage in meaningful discussions, analysis and responses to the worlds that our students experience, and the wider variety of unique voices that texts can offer. 

We will continue to provide students the tools to critically understand, reflect on and challenge the inequalities and systemic issues that they and others face in the world and in doing so aim to create safe and inclusive environments for students to develop as individuals. This is dependent on genuine student voice and we aim to always reflect on your feedback, creating classrooms of mutual trust. 

Contact Details

Ross Guthriergu@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

We are committed to doing our best to help all students achieve to their potential regardless of their background. We provide courses appropriate for students of all abilities. We treat students with respect and demand that they do likewise, regardless of their abilities or characteristics. We have systems to help support female and non-binary students by encouraging these students to join the “STEMinists” and to take part in the Maths Olympiad for girls. 

We are proud to teach the subject that is the most transferable across cultures. Maths is universally true and as such less open to bias, less exclusive and less influenced by culture than other subjects. We highlight the contributions to mathematics from diverse cultures and how these have sometimes been historically overlooked.  

Sports and Uniformed Services
Contact Details

Matt Beattiembe@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

Our mission within the Physical Education Department is to create an environment where diversity is celebrated, inclusion within all sports enrichments is paramount, and equity is non-negotiable. We are committed to a culture where every individual, regardless of their background, identity, or ability, feels valued, respected, and supported in their journey towards academic success and participation in competitive and non-competitive sport at Woking College. 

Through our curriculum development, and wider community engagement, we aim to provide equal access to quality physical education for all students. We recognise and embrace the richness that diversity brings to our department, and we actively seek to amplify our students voice, perspectives, and experiences in all aspects of our work. 

IT & Computing
Contact Details

Catherine Palmercpa@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

We commit to educating our students about the ethical implications of technology use, including issues such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, digital divide, and the environmental impact of technology. 

We will encourage students to consider the social and ethical consequences of their work and to develop solutions that promote fairness, transparency, and accountability in the case of NEA/coursework. 

Behavioural Science
Contact Details

Katie Cantillonkca@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

The Behavioural Science department is committed to ensuring an inclusive and equitable environment, celebrating diversity and challenging misconceptions. We pledge to provide continuous learning, engaging students in ongoing discussions surrounding topics such as bias, discrimination and how we can reflect upon these. We collaborate with students, staff, and faculty to create an inclusive and diverse culture. We pledge to continue to review

Vocational Business
Contact Details

Jamieson Brownjbr@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

We pledge to recognise and value the differences in all of our students. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated respectfully and fairly. We want to create an inclusive culture that nurtures talent and allows every individual regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity or nationality, the opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential.  

EDI is at the centre of what we do in educating and preparing our students for their future. The department supports every student and recognises that we are at the centre of community and always respect this.  

a level business and economics
Contact Details

Frankie Hodgesfho@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

The Business and Economics department pledge to celebrate the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of our students and staff. We value the unique contributions that everyone brings to our department and commit to creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all. We will strive to create a culture of inclusivity where all students and members of our department feel respected, valued, and empowered to participate fully. In particular, we are committed to pushing for more equality within the Business and Economics sector and will actively seek out and amplify voices that have been historically marginalized or underrepresented. 

Contact Details

Hazel Abbotshab@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

Science is a worldwide endeavour which draws on the expertise of a wide range of scientists and provides technological solutions which help to address inequalities. We highlight examples of such people and processes in our displays and lessons. We are committed to supporting and encouraging all students, whatever their identity or needs, to fulfil their potential. 

Social Science
Contact Details

Paz Vitespvi@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

Enhance our curriculum to be representative of all students and their needs. Look at topics and sections that have a natural affinity to the areas focused on this year by the EDI team. These include Gender, Ethnicity, Class. Develop areas of the curriculum for further exploration and discussions of these topics and how they are delivered. This includes a new project –based activity for Year 12 this year after the progression exams around these areas to promote safe and healthy dialogues, awareness and action. 

Performing Arts
Contact Details

Jamie Simsjsi@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

In the Performing Arts Department, We are committed to exploring meeting points that transcend the barriers of language, stereotypes and assumptions. This motivation informs our daily practice as teachers, artists and people. A significant part of artistic practice relies on empathy and the ability to be vulnerable, open and to work collaboratively. Authentic collaboration requires respect and trust, which are key features of a space that is equal and inclusive. 

Learning Support
Contact Details

Holly Pummellhpu@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 


Cultral Studies
Contact Details

Joanne Gardnerjga@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

Evaluate and update our schemes of learning to be inclusive and diverse, challenge misconceptions and identify any issues of inequality across our curriculum.   

We will continue to draw on the feedback from our students and develop our teaching practice to create an inclusive learning environment and meet the needs of all individuals.  

Contact Details

Julia Nogajno@woking.ac.uk

We pledge to: 

As members of the Humanities department, we pledge to foster an inclusive and equitable environment that celebrates diversity and shares knowledge of various beliefs and cultures. We commit to actively promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion through our curriculum, policies, and lessons. We help students contextualise values such as compassion and freedom within their real-world contexts; giving them critical thinking skills that help in the exploration of different ideas. 

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Students celebrating different cultures.
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