The Woking Way Excellence Programme

Excellence Programme

The Woking College Excellence Programme gives our most aspirational students the opportunity to engage in a range of extra-curricular activities in order to grow their cultural capital, to pursue their love of learning and to support them with applying to competitive courses and institutions. The Excellence Programme was cited in the latest Ofsted report as incredibly beneficial to students in helping them to achieve their long-term goals.

The Excellence Programme is split into three strands:

The Arts | Millie Collyer

Students receive specialist application support for the leading performing arts, art and media schools. Experienced staff deliver portfolio and audition workshops to ensure students can best demonstrate their talent and creativity and are fully prepared for the individual application and audition processes of each institution. Students also have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers from leading Arts institutions such as UCA, UAL and Kingston School of Art, as well as West End performers and vocational college teachers.

Humanities & Social Sciences | Andrew Mountford

Leading academics deliver lectures designed to expand students’ cultural capital and spark interests outside of the curriculum. Students participate and lead workshops discussing political philosophy, postmodernism and a wealth of other fascinating and relevant topics.

Mathematical & Physical Sciences | Nikki Eaves

Encompassing STEM and Sport, this strand is designed to stretch the most aspirational scientists and sports scientists, whilst providing support to our elite athletes.

Academics from leading institutions visit the college to discuss their latest scientific research, whilst students also have the opportunity to hear from captains of industry about how to progress into competitive science and technology careers. Students are also supported with competing in various science and maths Olympiads. Our students have enjoyed national success over the past few years.

Our student athletes, who are competing at national level, are supported with juggling the demands of studying and competing and also have the opportunity to hear from expert nutritionists and psychologists to give them that competitive edge. Students are also guided through the process of applying for leading sports institutions such as Bath, Loughborough, or leading international institutions, especially in the USA.

Oxford and Cambridge Application Support

Every year, many of our most aspirational students are successful in applying to Oxford and Cambridge. Find out more about how the Excellence Programme supports these students: Oxbridge Application Support

Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Application Support

At Woking College, we are very proud of our record in supporting students applying to highly competitive courses such as Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary. We firmly believe that these careers should be open to all. Find out more how the Excellence Programme supports these students: Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Application Support

View or download the Excellence Programme leaflet here: