Extracurricular Activities

Life at Woking College is not only about work and study. The College offers an excellent and varied extra-curricular programme that allows you to get the most out of College life.

We recognise that by broadening your experiences through sport, music, clubs and a whole range of other activities, you will have fun and gain a competitive edge when it comes to interviews for university or employment.

You will be able to choose from over 50 different activities listed below.

Performing Arts

Band Camp/Making Music

Band Camp/Making Music is a comfortable, vibey atmosphere where you can play in a band with like-minded individuals. You have the opportunity to make music in any genre that you like and in whatever way you like while gaining the knowledge and skills of programming music.

Baroque Ensemble

If you have a passion for playing classical music, then look no further. The Baroque Ensemble is concentrated on the works of classical composers such as Vivaldi, Bach and Handel as well as many others from the Baroque Ensemble. Focusing on chamber music for all wind, string and brass instruments, as well as keyboard and classical guitar. Currently for those at a minimum of Grade 5.

Concert, Funk & Soul Band

Concert, Funk & Soul Band meet once a week focusing on up tempo, soul and pop music – covering songs by a variety of artists ranging from Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Earth, Wind and Fire & many, many more. Everyone is welcome whether you take a music subject or not, and it doesn’t matter what instrument you play – all instruments, including singing are welcome!

Dance Technique

Dance Technique is a weekly class to enhance your skills in a variety of styles of dance. Each week we will work on different techniques that relate back to your studies in order to give you a better understanding of the styles as well as developing your technique. Dance Technique is available to both year 12 and 13 students who are studying A-Level Dance.

Gold Arts Award

Gold Arts Award is a Level 3 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and designed for ages 16 and above. The award has 16 points on the UCAS tariff. To achieve a Gold Arts Award, young people collect evidence in an individual arts portfolio of their experiences of personal arts development and leadership of an arts project, reviewing their leadership development and finding effective ways to collect and evaluate feedback from participants, audience members and other stakeholders.

Grade 5 Theory – Anna Power

ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory develops a musical literacy and forms a key part of a rounded education for performers, composers and listeners of all kinds. There is no need to have done previous grades as there is no obligation to take your grade 5 exam. You are also welcome if you have already taken your exam or would simply like to brush up on your music theory skills. 

LAMDA Acting

LAMDA exams in Acting are designed to develop the skills necessary to communicate dramatic text to an audience. This qualification carries UCAS points and is a great way to help you prepare for auditions and any further training you may wish to go onto, as well as helping develop your performance skills. LAMDA Acting is funded by Woking College and so you would not need to worry about any exam costs.

LAMDA Musical Theatre (Grades 6-8)

LAMDA examinations in Musical Theatre help students to develop their acting and singing skills. You will learn and prepare several different songs towards your exam and work on both your vocal and performance skills. LAMDA Musical Theatre gives you the opportunity to perform in front of your peers in a safe environment to help build your confidence and grow as a performer. All LAMDA exams are funded by the college and carry UCAS points.

Main Choir

If you like to sing, then look no further! The college choir meets weekly to practice a variety of pieces ranging from Gospel to Musical Theatre, Classical and Pop – with songs from artists such as Queen, Lady Gaga and David Bowie. Each year we prepare lots of different songs to perform at our Annual Evening of Note as well as several other performances throughout the year.

Sax Ensemble

Sax Ensemble is a great place for all sax players to have the opportunity to play together, focusing on jazz and light classical music – open to all sax players and sax instruments within the sax family. Looking at a variety of different pieces such as the Pink Panther and many other jazz classics.

Shakespeare Certificate

NEA’s Shakespeare examinations allow Learners to develop self-confidence, stretch their imagination and creativity and understanding of Shakespeare. The Shakespeare Certificate carries UCAS points and is funded by the college, so is a great way to gain extra UCAS points and help prepare you for any further training. The qualification helps prepare Learners for auditions, and enriches the students’ knowledge and understanding and ability to perform Shakespeare.

Woking College Musical

Being a part of the Woking College Musical is a wonderful opportunity to work with others in the department in both year groups, as well as with those who have a love for the performing arts but are not studying one of our subjects here. The musical gives you the chance to develop all of your performing skills and allows you to really show off your talents. During Term 1 rehearsals take place weekly on Wednesday afternoon and then the performance week consists of tech and dress rehearsals and 4 performances for the public in the Beldam Theatre here at College.

Woking College Theatre Company (Auditions Only)

Being in Woking College Theatre Company is a chance to work as an ensemble and really challenge yourself as a performer. Every year we enter the piece we have worked on into various drama festivals around Surrey. Woking College Theatre Company is usually a company of between 7 and 10 people, with auditions taking place at the beginning of the second term. Last year’s theatre company competed in festivals around Surrey and progressed to compete in the All England Drama Festival. They went on to be crowned British Champions.


5-A-Side Football

5 – A – Side Football is the perfect chance to get a pair of boots on and give small sided football a go. 5 – A – Side football is a very popular activity with a huge social element to it as teams get mixed up each week. With internal leagues and tournaments 5 – A-Side is the perfect balance of competitiveness, fun and enjoyment.


Badminton at Woking College is a perfect recreational sport with a space for all. One lunchtime a week the courts are set for games of doubles and singles, a great way to meet new people, learn a new skill and get competitive. Badminton is the chance to join a very social club on campus as you will play new people each week.


With an external coach basketball at Woking College is thriving for both the men’s and women’s game. With high-quality facilities, basketball is a sport for all abilities at Woking College.


Cricket at Woking College is open to everyone for all abilities. With indoor training facilities Cricket is run all year round, developing skills in both batting, fielding and bowling.


Woking College offers mixed hockey training sessions, this is a sport offered for all abilities.

Men’s Football

Men’s 11-A-Side Football at Woking College is a hugely competitive field of players. The football squads receive a very high standard of coaching and enforce the competitive nature within sessions. With regular games and competitions, men’s football is never far away from facing their next oppositions. With our 2 grass pitches and brand new 3G facilities, the opportunities for training and fixtures are endless.


Woking College now have 3 competitive netball teams, the A,B and C team compete in friendlies and competitive fixtures against other colleges as well as taking part in regular internal tournaments within the squads. With all abilities welcome, our coaches deliver high quality sessions to ensure all players develop and get the opportunity to play.

Table Tennis

Our new permanent outdoor table tennis tables are the perfect attraction for recreational table tennis. With paddles and balls available throughout the day to practice your skills, the table tennis enrichment is a chance to get competitive and win some games. This is also an opportunity to meet new people and a chance to get active and enjoy this sport outside in the nice weather.


Tennis is a recreational sport offered at Woking College. A series of both double and singles games with multiple internal tournaments throughout the year tennis is a great way to develop old skills or take up a new sport.


At Woking College, we offer both women’s and men’s rugby, both receiving expert coaching by an RFU qualified external coach. With a full-size rugby pitch onsite, training potential is limitless.

Women’s Gym

Women’s Gym is an open gym session for girls only. This is a chance to utilise the open gym twice a week for midweek workout. With a strength and conditioning specialist overseeing the gym this is the perfect opportunity to help design, enhance and develop your training plans or techniques.

Women’s Football

At Women’s football, we encourage all players from beginner to elite level to get involved as our main focus is creating a supportive environment to allow everyone to develop at their own rate. We are determined to create an 11 aside team that will compete at a high level as numbers are very strong this year. Until half term, training sessions will be on Wednesday’s at 1:40pm on the GRASS. The period between now and half term will be our ‘pre-season’ where we will focus on establishing a common ground and work towards the team playing in an effective system that can hopefully challenge for silverware. After half term, the season will begin. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up to women’s football, please contact Bertie (BGI) via email or teams.


Art Club

Art club is an opportunity to release your creativity, learn new skills and discover new techniques. At each lunchtime session, we will delve into a variety of different mediums, materials and methods. All are welcome at Art club, from the experienced artist to the brand-new art lover, all abilities are greatly received. An open mind and an enthusiasm to explore is all you need!   

Big Questions

An opportunity for students to have open discussions on a range of topics, selected by them. Open to all, and majority student-led, the group provides a forum for those who enjoy asking and attempting to answer those endless questions which seem to have none…

If you like debating but want something less formal, please come along and join in.

Book Club

Book Club is a monthly enrichment based in the English department. Every month we choose a book to read and then 4 weeks later we meet to discuss it as a group.  By joining book club students will develop their reading skills and encounter new texts that they may have never chosen to read before.  So, get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to new literary heights to ensure you have the experience to tackle degree level reading with confidence.  

Christian Union (CU)

‘Christian Union (CU) is weekly meeting facilitated by Engage, where Christian Students from different church backgrounds or students who are exploring what Jesus means to them come together. Its a time to share, discuss, grow, pray and have fun looking at Gods power at work in your place of study and your college life.’

College Trips

Throughout your time at College, there will be the opportunity to take part in trips and external events organised by the College.

Many of these will be related to the courses that you study and may include theatre and gallery trips, visits to the Bank of England and the Stock Exchange or residential trips to Lanzarote for Sport or to Paris, Rome and Barcelona for Art and Languages.

Duke of Edinburgh

DUKE OF EDINBURGH The world’s leading youth achievement award. A fun adventure and major challenge with a wide range of potential activities, offering endless possibilities to anyone aged 14 to 24. The students work as a team undertaking expeditions. Other activities are broken down in learning a skill, voluntary work and physical. Throughout the programme, the students are developing leadership and teamwork skills as personal boundaries are pushed. Completing the award can enhance their CVs and university applications. At Woking College, we provide support for those working towards the award at Silver and Gold levels. Everyone is welcome whether an award has been completed in the past or not.

EPQ - Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification is an independent research project – your opportunity to gain a qualification in whichever area of interest you choose, anything from a hobby to a future career. The final product can take the form of a written report or an artefact or product/event. More info HERE

Excellence Programme

We make sure that our most talented students are given every opportunity to achieve their potential and to progress to the University of their choice. All teachers challenge students to produce work of the highest quality and, in many subjects, undergraduates from Surrey University act as coursework mentors to stretch the most able. More info HERE

GCSE Italian from scratch

If you think you have missed out on a GCSE in a foreign language, think again! We have a GCSE Italian from scratch in 1-year course at Woking College, with an amazing track record of results, going back more than 10 years. Come to the classes on a Wednesday pm and on a Tuesday first period and you will be amazed at what can be achieved in a few months. Classes are full on fun, very communicative and exciting. Never say never (“mai dire mai”!), it is possible to learn a language at GCSE level, come and see for yourself


The GSA can be a forum for activism, education or socialising. The tasks and activities provided will be a reflection of what you and your GSA want. There will be opportunities to experience L.G.B.T.Q + culture, education and hear from external speakers from the community. A group to raise awareness of the history of L.G.B.T.Q + and modern issues which surround the diverse range of sexualities and genders in society. All students (irrespective of sexuality and gender identity) are invited to join this weekly group. 

History of game design

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” Isaac Newton, 1675. The History of Games Design enrichment club teaches students about the forces that have shaped the billion-dollar entertainment industry we have today and get hands-on experience of playing genre-defining games from the ’80s and ’90s.

International Club

We are an informal, chatty group that meets to learn about each other’s countries. We give presentations, play games and sometimes even create cookbooks and artwork.

Languages Olympiad

The UKLO (Languages Olympiad) is for school or college students of any age or ability level who are interested in solving linguistic data problems. The competition is completely free and UKLO enters at least one team each year in the International Linguistics Olympiad. The test runs early next year, please see the website for more details: HERE

LinkAble/ Stock Market Challenge

LinkAble and Stock Market challenge, these start in the Spring and Summer terms respectively. For LinkAble the students form a team and are given a sum of money which they have the challenge to multiply by performing a business activity. Stock market challenge is run at the university of Reading at their management school of finance where students play the role of city traders for the day following a training session. At the end of the day, they assess their portfolio in a real-life simulation of city events.

Short Courses @ Woking College - 3D Surface Exploration

3D Surface Exploration


4 WE E K C O U R S E : S T A R T I N G WE D N E S D A Y 2 0 T H

J A N U A R Y : L U N C H T I M E : S I N E A D M E R R Y


This short course will enable you to create a range of mixed media surface s .

You will learn how to manipulate these materials into three-dimensional

forms, creating small sculptural outcomes. An excellent opportunity to

enrich your art portfolio or to simply enjoy the freedom of this creative



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E M A I L – E H O@WO K I N G . A C . U K

O R  V I A  T E A M S  M E S S A G E: E M M A H O B B S

Short Courses @ Woking College - Autistic Spectrum Disorder, the role of second-hand stigma and ambiguous loss: An in depth Look into carrying out a Social Science research project.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder, the role of second-hand stigma and ambiguous loss: An in depth Look into carrying out a Social Science research project.


5 WE E K C O U R S E : J A N U A R Y S T A R T : T U E S D A Y L U N C H T I M E :

M O L L Y G E R H A R D – J O N E S


This short course is designed to introduce you to the world of academic research. Following the

stages of a piece of research titled “an investigation into the experiences of mothers of children

with Autistic Spectrum Disorder: the role of second-hand stigma and ambiguous loss.” Over the 5 weeks, students will become familiar with the process of carrying out a research project, and learning key skills relevant to many university degrees. Initially, we will explore realistic, ethical, and practical choices of topics relevant to the social sciences. Then going on to critically assess academic research, and constructing a bibliography with appropriate referencing. We will also explore current methodological issues and how to carry out analysis on results.


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E M A I L – E H O@WO K I N G . A C . U K

O R  V I A  T E A M S  M E S S A G E: E M M A H O B B S

Short Courses @ Woking College - Black Lives Matter: Creative poster campaign brief

Black Lives Matter: Creative poster campaign brief


4 WE E K C O U R S E : S T A R T S 2 0 T H J A N U A R Y : 4 – 5 P M :



Students will be provided with a live brief from the E&D student body. They will gain insights into how a brief is received by a freelance creative professional and the process of delivering a project from concept to delivery.

Students will respond to the brief and work towards the creation of a final outcome, a promotional series of posters to be displayed around the college.

This course is suited to students with knowledge of Adobe design packages


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E M A I L – E H O@WO K I N G . A C . U K

O R  V I A  T E A M S  M E S S A G E: E M M A H O B B S

Short Courses @ Woking College - Ethics in Psychology

Ethics in Psychology: Implications of research in shaping behaviour


4 WE E K C O U R S E : 2 N D , 9 T H , 1 6 T H A N D 2 3 R D F E B R U A R Y .

4 P M S T A R T , 4 5 M I N S E S S I O N S : M I R K O M O R A N D I


This short course is designed to introduce students to the four key principles: Respect, Competence, Responsibility, Integrity, from which ethical issues are considered. You will be able to identify how the principles guide psychology as an applied profession. Students gain an appreciation of ethical implications of psychological research and how this has affected or continues to affect wider society.

Over the 4 weeks, you will learn about each of the key principle areas and develop an understanding of their significance. You will then apply the acquired knowledge to case studies and analyse the impact of research on society.


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E M A I L – E H O@WO K I N G . A C . U K

O R  V I A  T E A M S  M E S S A G E: E M M A H O B B S

Short Courses @ Woking College - Exploring the Role of Technology in Modern Healthcare

Exploring the Role of Technology in Modern Healthcare

6 WE E K C O U R S E ; J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 1 – F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 1 ; 4 . 0 0 – 5 . 3 0 P M , D A Y O F WE E K  T B C : D R  J A M I E H A R L E  & M A G G I E T A T E


In 1990, when feeling ill,

a GP or doctor would give you a pill.

But in 2020, health professional advice,

is more likely dictated by medical device


This short course will provide students with an insight into the role medical technology plays across four healthcare themes. It is ideal for those thinking of a career in healthcare of medical science.

Teaching will be flipped, so that class time involves discussion of three considerations within each theme. Firstly, clinical aspects, such as the selection of an appropriate technology to diagnose or treat a condition, will be explored.

Then, related ethical aspects will be studied, such as the risk of radiation dose in X-ray exposure or implications of cost-benefit analysis for treatment choices (measured through Quality Adjusted Life Years). Finally, an introduction to the fundamental science principles behind selected technologies will be delivered .

This course will provide a fundamental understanding of the underlying principles, clinical applications and societal issues associated with the increased use of technology in modern healthcare.


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E M A I L – E H O@WO K I N G . A C . U K

O R  V I A  T E A M S  M E S S A G E: E M M A H O B B S

Short Courses @ Woking College - Natural and Botanical Wisley illustration project

Natural and Botanical Wisley illustration project


6 WE E K C O U R S E : T U E S 2 6 T H J A N – T U E S 9 T H M A R C H

4 . 1 0 P M – 5 . 3 0 P M : C H E R R I E C O X H I L L


Students will be introduced to what illustration is and what it is like to work with a design brief as a natural and botanical illustrator. The brief will be to produce illustrative ideas and a final repeat print response for Wisley Gardens that could be applied to products that are sold in their shop.

Students will be asked to produce illustrative work inspired by either the seasons, wildlife at Wisley or exotic plants. They will explore new techniques and will be encouraged to source their own imagery and develop unique ideas.


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E M A I L – E H O@WO K I N G . A C . U K

O R  V I A  T E A M S  M E S S A G E: E M M A H O B B S

Short Courses @ Woking College - Research and create your family tree

Research and create your family tree


4 WE E K C O U R S E : S T A R T S M O N D A Y 2 0 T H J A N U A R Y :

L U N C H T I M E S : K I R S T Y A N G U S


Curious about your family history? This short course will support you to find out

more and help you build your family tree. Starting with what you know, you will

use a mixture of family interviews and online research. You will use the free

ancestry.com website.


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E M A I L E H O@WO K I N G . A C . U K

O R V I A T E A M S M E S S A G E : E M M A H O B B S



Stem Support for Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary applicants

Woking College has a strong track record of successful applications by students who go on to study Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. The College can support student ambitions with our STEM, Excellence Programme run by our highly experienced coordinator. More info HERE

The Science Olympiad

Is an annual exam administered by the Royal Society of Chemistry in mid-January:

(It) is open to all post-16 students and we encourage entries from Lower and Upper Sixth students (and equivalent). It starts with Round I – a challenging written test of chemical knowledge, and quite an event in itself! Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded.

The questions posed in Round I often stimulate much debate on, and enthusiasm for, chemistry – raising awareness of what the subject is all about. Tackling the Round I paper also provides a good opportunity to develop some of the skills required for study at university and beyond.

The classes are by invitation because of numbers, but we try to accommodate anyone who is interested. You will work on questions from past papers in a small group, and then discuss the answers together. The emphasis is very much on problem-solving, rather than a comprehensive chemical knowledge (plenty of chemical information is given in the questions). Many of the questions also require you to be competent at maths.

There are two major advantages to you in coming to these advanced chemistry classes. The practice in problem-solving will act as a springboard to gaining high marks in your Chemistry work at college, which in turn will hopefully lead to an A/A* grade in your A level exam. The fact that you have put in extra effort to do further work around the subject will look extremely impressive on your UCAS form. Universities (and employers) are looking for students who work hard and take a wider interest in their subjects. Any sort of certificate in the Olympiad is, of course, an impressive achievement to put on UCAS forms or CVs. It is also a useful problem-solving practice for exams like the BMAT and UCAT for medicine. However, if you decide the classes are useful, but you do not want to enter the exam, that will be fine.

#WE18YOSK - What Every 18 Year Old Should Know
#WE18YOSK stands for “What Every 18 Year Old Should Know”
We believe that a good education goes beyond the curriculum.
#WE18YOSK is a programme designed for students by students and staff which features information that would benefit every 16-18 year old. This programme goes outside regular subject curriculums. More info HERE
Welcome Everyone to DebSoc!

There are three main types of debating activities.

Balloon debates: Working in small groups, you each adopt a character and argue why you shouldn’t be thrown out of a hot air balloon.

Formal debates: Using the formal debating rules of DebSoc, four debaters will speak for and against a particular motion and all members can speak from the floor.

Workshop session: Working in small groups you practice using the DebSoc debate rules.

Everyone is welcome to attend this enrichment, which runs for this term only.

Welcome to Sugar and Dice Board Games Café!

We have several games available for you to play, such as Carcassonne, Splendor, Azul and Pandemic.

You are also welcomed to bring your own games.

Feel free to bring a cold lunch.

Contact Helen:

Welcome to the Woking Globe (the Cultural Studies Department Newspaper)!

If you study any subject in the Cultural Studies Department (French, history, Spanish, politics, German, Latin, Classics, Italian) you can come along and join us.

We need people to write articles, choose art and desktop publish the newspaper.

The first edition is available : HERE

Welcome Everyone to Model United Nations!

You will:

  • learn about the history and working of the UN
  • adopt a ‘country’ to represent
  • respond to a fictional scenario and decide your country’s position
  • negotiate with other countries to agree on a resolution to be passed unanimously (or not…)
  • develop your communications skills

Everyone is welcome to attend this enrichment, which runs for this term only.

Volunteering Club

Volunteering opportunities are available to suit every person who wishes to become involved. With people offering a few hours per week, to others who spring into action when called upon by an organisation. You could volunteer in your neighbourhood, online or in other countries. Volunteering is great for your community and makes the world a better place. You could use your volunteering as a way of developing a new skill or build on existing experience or pass on your own special brand of knowledge. Whatever you chose to do volunteering will enrich your life and that of others you’re helping.

World Challenge

Our students have the opportunity to become involved in this Adventure Charity Expedition. Students raise funds via various activities to travel and become involved in charity projects across the world. Previous trips have included working on charity and travel projects in Tanzania, India and Ecuador.