Bishop David Brown Taster Day

Bishop David Brown

Woking College is pleased to invite you to a Taster Day.

We are offering a wide range of courses for you to “Taste” on this day. When booking we will require certain information, instructions below.

Information about you. We will need your name and tutor group and your school e-mail address to complete the booking.

Information on the subjects you choose ..

Start with your paper timetable and choose 1 subject in each Session. And use this as a guide to place you online booking.

When you are ready to book your subject please CLICK HERE to go to the booking page.

  • There are five different sessions timed throughout the day / The full schedule of subjects are below.

    • Session 1 9.50 am
    • Session 2 10.45 am
    • Session 3 11.25 am
    • Session 4 13.00 pm
    • Session 5 13.40 pm
  • Please choose only one subject per session ( you can scroll down the schedule of lessons or filter by subject by clicking on the blue button)

  • You must choose a different subject for each session

  • You cannot take the same subject twice

  • There are limited spaces per subject – shown above

  • If the subject, you choose is full in the selected session you should go to the next available session

  • If your chosen subject is full in every session, you must then choose an alternative subject.

  • You can amend your booking until you click the book now button. After this, you will have to start again if you want to make changes.

Video Instructions

Attending the Day

A named, printed timetable will be provided by Woking College when you attend the Taster Day.

We look forward to welcoming you to Woking College 😀