Progress Reports

We issue reports every 10 weeks to inform students and parents of their progress against their personal targets. The report will also detail attendance and effort for each of their timetabled courses and enrichment activities.

Student will construct an action plan based on their report, working closely with their personal tutors in considering carefully what they need to do to improve. Students and parents should be looking for students to be reaching their target grade by the time the reach their second report.

Reports are given to students in most cases but parents may request that a report is sent directly to them by post.

End of year reports

These are written by all staff at the end of the first year at College in order to produce a potential university or job reference. These will detail all aspects of each student’s progress, academic ability and other aspects of their performance and interests at College. These are written in a style that emphasises the student’s positive qualities and hints at areas that may need to improve.

These reports are posted onto the student’s online Personal Learning Plan along with all their other targets agreed with tutors and teachers throughout the year. The PLP is password-protected, parents can see these once the student has given them the password.

Informal reports

If at any time parents wish to enquire about student progress they may ring or email tutors and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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