Core Mathematics

Core Mathematics is a new course designed for post-16 students who wish to continue studying Mathematics, but not at A Level. The new Core Mathematics qualification will help you retain, deepen and extend your knowledge of mathematics so that you are better prepared for higher education and employment; it is also particularly useful if your other college qualifications have a high level of mathematical content. Core Mathematics will help you understand and apply clear, mathematical reasoning to real-life problems, analyse and interpret data in a variety of contexts, and confidently deal with everyday financial mathematics.

What skills will I develop?

You will develop the skills to analyse data, deal with financial calculations, model real-life situations and criticise existing models.

You will learn how to model situations mathematically, including the use of Statistics, as well as developing your problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Ultimately, Core Mathematics will prepare you to use the mathematics that arises in everyday life.

What topics will I study?

 Component 1 - Examination: Paper 1 (1 hour, 30 minutes - 50%)

  • Section A: Analysis of data
  • Section B: Maths for personal finance
  • Section C: Estimation

 Component 2 - Examination: Paper 2A (1 hour, 30 minutes - 50%)

  • Section A: Critical analysis
  • Section B: The normal distribution
  • Section C: Probabilities and estimation
  • Section D: Correlation & regression

Where does the course lead?

The Core Mathematics qualification is highly valued by employers and universities as more subjects, such as History, recognise the importance of statistics and problem-solving skills. Many roles in today’s workplace require high levels of budget management and problem-solving abilities, and this course will equip you with these skills.

Exam Board


Head of Department

Jason Bagshaw

Entry Requirements

Five grades 4-9 (or equivalent) including at least a grade 4 in Mathematics.

Assessment Breakdown

Examination = 100%