Information Technology

(Available as equivalent to 1 or 2 A Levels)

IT is at the heart of everyday life, at home, work and in our leisure time from computer graphics and control systems to communications and problem-solving. This course, which focuses on creativity and innovation, is designed to provide an academic qualification in preparation for IT employment or study in higher education. You will study specialist topics such as website customisation, graphics editing and animation, and programming. Your grade will be based on coursework with no formal examinations.

What skills will I develop?

You will develop literacy, numeracy, technical and creative skills through the programme of study.

You will additionally learn more specialist skills, including the fundamentals of programming, web development (HTML/CSS/Java), spreadsheet modelling, graphics editing and animation.

What topics will I study?

This course is available as both a Subsidiary Diploma (equiv. 1 A Level) and Diploma (equiv. 2 A Levels). Topics for both options are outlined below:

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma

  • Unit 1: Communication and Employability Skills for IT
  • Unit 2: Computer Systems
  • Unit 14: Event Driven Programming
  • Unit 20: Client Side Customisation of Web Pages
  • Unit 40: Computer Game Design
  • Unit 42: Spreadsheet Modelling

BTEC Diploma

All above units, plus:

  • Unit 3: Information Systems
  • Unit 8: e-Commerce
  • Unit 16: Procedural Programming
  • Unit 23: Human Computer Interaction
  • Unit 30: Digital Graphics
  • Unit 31: Computer Animation

Where does the course lead?

This course prepares students for subjects like IT, Computer Science and a range of software engineering degrees.

Alternatively, having built up a range of specialist knowledge and insight, students are better prepared to enter the world of employment in the IT sector.

Exam Board


Head of Department

Nilesh Jogoo

Entry Requirements

Five grades 4-9 (or equivalent)

Assessment Breakdown

Coursework = 100%