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Enrichment Team

Event ID Activity Staff Member Room About the Enrichment
1 Pattern Cutting introduction BBA A09 Learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct patterns
2 Zine workshop JHU T09 Create your own small edition magazine
3 Clay vessels CCO A06 Learn how to make your own clay vase
4 Dragons Den JSM A04 Create and pitch a product
5 Wire Drawing PTH T10 Learn how to to be creative with wire
6 Acrylic painting VJA A05 Intro to using paint
7 The neuroscience of psychedelics and therapeutic benefits  DKE&BBT B10 Evidence based investigation dispelling myths around psychedelics and providing evidence for multiple therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions. 
8 Rugby Officiating  IWO B4 Rugby Officiating – We will watch rugby footage and analyse refereeing decisions, see if we agree or disagree and discuss the laws of the game
9 Cheerleading Dance  RBS Dance Studio Learn cheer skills and choreograph a short routine with poms 
10 Dealing with Offenders – does prison work? FNE&KCA B7 Consider the aims of imprisonment and its current effectiveness in the UK, with comparison to other countries
11 Treasure Hunt JBR/JWS W51 Using QR codes to develop knoweldge to find clue across the college campus
12 Zanga – Female ONLY ANA/SMH W54 Female only – learn middle eastern moves with a Zumba twist
13 Cupcake decorating  ARA W57 Learn how to decorate cupcakes using a variety of different tips
14 Create resin flowers CJE W76 Create a flower using wire & liquid resin of all colours.
15 Website building with HTML, Java Script and CSS PSI W75 Learn how to build dynamic websites
16 Prompt Engineering – Show & TELL VBB W73 Making generative AI work for you as a student- Hands on
17 Discover: Bible Study Enrichment CPA W74 This is an introductory Bible course ideal for anyone, it will give you tools to study the Bible for yourself and find God’s purpose for your life
18 Electronic Music for beginners (either/or) DMI W76 Learn how to make music with technology
19 Poetry Writing Workshop SPH W14 None available
20 Marketing/advertising industry workshop: copywriting brief CRE W17 None available
21 Board Game Design TWH W15 None available
22 Reading for pleasure: JHO W16 I will bring a selection of novels from multiple genres that student can choose to read for pleasure. Science fiction, crime, fantasy, dystopian, non-fiction and horror. We will have a mindful extended reading session with a casual reflective discussion on what we’ve read at the end of the session.
23 Nature Walk KDY&EPR Reception Join Katharine and Emma for an ‘enriching’ experience to spot nature on our doorstep!  We will be getting some fresh air, identifying rare species of both plant and animal and that’s before we get to the wood!!
24 Cold Cases LGA&CDR W58 Can you crack the cold case that the police could not solve? You will be re-examining the evidence to solve the case.
25 Hand embroidery JNO&RFA W63 Whether you’re a seasoned stitcher or a complete beginner, this embroidery enrichment offers a welcoming environment to learn, share tips, and explore new techniques. Unwind with some chill tunes and let your creativity bloom in this relaxing and inspiring session. You can bring clothing that you wish to jazz up with thread, or just bring yourself and fabric will be provided. ‘
26 Bushcraft skills JLE W62 This enrichment will run you through the basics required to have a go at wild camping. Covering the basic 5 Cs of survivability, the first half of this session will cover the theory, and the second half will be a practical demonstration. If you have a love of nature and a need to explore, this enrichment is for you.
27 Wellbeing AJA/LTH/LSO Welbeing hub A range of creative activities in a relaxing atmosphere
28 Introduction to Lamda Public Speaking GJO P02 You will research, write, rehearse, edit and deliver a three-minute speech to an imagined audience
29 Introduction to Japanese PSL W52 For absolute beginners, learn some basic Japanese phrases and learn about the culture of Japan
30 Board games AGI W77 Play familiar board games or learn to play some new ones
31 What’s my political ideology? AMO W53 An introduction to and discussion of modern political ideas
32 Vinyasa yoga JGA G04 A beginner’s yoga class which involves moving through a sequence of poses while linking them with your breath, followed by mindful colouring to relax the body and mind. 
33 Juggling PSC Meet outside the maths office Learn to juggle, or learn how to improve up to 5 balls at a time! Hoops and clubs also available
34 Backgammon RGU/JNI W13 Learn a classic boardgame, or see if you can beat some highly skilled teacher players
35 Chess JMB/BLE W59 Learn a classic boardgame, or see if you can beat some highly skilled teacher players
36 Board Games VRA/WMA Canteen A range of games will be available for you to choose from
37 Origami HBR Canteen A variety of models to be made. Guidance from an origami expert
38 5 a side football RRU(PE)&NVA 3G Pitch The group will split into 8 teams and then play a tournament
39 Learn Italian through Film NBO W05 Whatever your level of spoken Italian (from zero) you will learn methods to improve your Italian through watching films
40 Introduction to camerawork (non media students)  JTR&JCH WO4 Opportunity to learn about different camera angles do a little bit o
41 Football Podcast 2024 TWI&MFO TWI Office in LRC Students will design and plan a script reflecting on the 2024/25 season and looking forward to the Euro 2024 tournament, then record and edit it in Premiere Pro. Please be aware you will need to be confident on the topic and having your voice recorded. At the end of the session we will upload it to Spotify and iTunes!
42 Musical Theatre Workshop MCO Dance Studio Learn repertoire (both singing & dancing) from We Will Rock You, the Queen musical. 
43 Audition technique workshop CNE C08 Thinking of applying to Drama School. Work on audition speeches/songs to prepare repertorie
44 Pop vocal recording session NBE Deakin Record pop songs in the studio – aimed at singers
45 Acting (and Filmaking) for Screen JSI Meet in the Canteen We will stage and film some short scenes – open to actors and filmmakers. 
46 Theatre in the Community workshop LOL C06 Preparing and delivering different workshops to take out into the local community
47 Actor-Musician Workshop JBA&JDA C03 Intersections of music and text beyond song
48 Physics online lecture (“Journey to the heart of matter”) and game HAB S09 Online talk from Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory, part of Harwell open week
49 Alumni talk and careers link  NEA S07 Alumni talk from Medic and biochemical engineer 
50 UCL/GOSH  talk about Genomics followed by competition  SHD/RHA S03 UCL/GOSH talk about work in Genomics followed by competition involving writing and art.
51 Board games MPK/JRO S10 Board/card and other types of games
52 Childrens creative and therapeutic activities CWI/SPE/DRE/SKN BO1 Having a go at activities students may use in a childcare based setting
53 Sociology research in action CTA/PVI B11 Looking into different types of sociological research
54 Netball SDA&RBU Netball Court An opportunityfor some social netball – a mix of drills and games
55 Introduction to weightlifting SWF Gym Learn how to lift weights safely and effectively. Also an introduction into designing a weight programme to develop strength 
56 Rounders CLI&KSM Sports Hall An opportunity to whack a ball and run really fast round some posts avoiding people throwing a ball at you.
57 Family tree research / drawing your family tree KAN&ESOL S07 Use online research tools to extend your family tree
58 Maths at Oxbridge – Alumni Talk BLE Media Studio An ex-student who is currently at Cambridge doing a maths degree will talk about how he got on to the course, how it is going and his next steps

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