Information for Year 12

Year 12 Learning Plan for June-July 2020

This is an outline of the plan for this half term, students and their parents and carers will receive a letter soon after 8 June with further details.

If additional individual support is required, please contact teachers for subject help or Assistant Principal Laura Cook to arrange telephone / Zoom or in-College support as appropriate



WC 01/06/20   

Students who need 1-1 support will continue to be welcomed and supported at the College (by arrangement)

WC 08/06/20

Students who need 1-1 support will continue to be welcomed and supported at the College (by arrangement)

WC 15/06/20

Progression exam week

Student will be set independent study tasks and/or some lessons will continue during this week

WC 22/06/20

Academic Tutoring Week

Individual telephone  / Zoom /Teams feedback to students on their Progression Exams, parents are welcome to sit-in on those meetings

Many teachers will need the full week to speak to all of their students individually, this may mean lessons are limited – independent learning tasks will be set for students.

Summer homework tasks will also be set during this week.


WC 29/06/20

UCAS / CV / Apprenticeship Week

This week’s tasks and tutor-led support will focus on preparing students for applications to be made from September onwards.

Individual careers interviews are available, please contact Sarah Williams at

WC = Week commencing

Working from Home

When working from home you will only need to access Teams, Moodle and your E-mail. This will be the primary communication tools used by your teachers. 

Please share documents and files via Teams when you can. Please also use OneDrive and share the file link with your teacher. Please minimise the use of E-mail to send files.

Click here to access the links to .. Your Timetable, ProPortal, Web Email, Office 365.

If you do not have Teams then it can be downloaded here . Teams is also available for your Tablet and Phone. Go to your application store and download it. It’s FREE. Sign in as usual.

Please minimise the use of the My Work link above as you will be unlikely to need to remote access into the college.

To access your COLLEGE EMAIL click here and login with your college email and password.

How to sign into E-Books from home .. click HERE



Adding your files to OneDrive – Click Here

If you are experiencing issues uploading files – Click Here


Free Software

We are waiting for Adobe to confirm the licence switch to allow us to use this as home. We are due to hear from them today, 20th March 2020. We have not as yet and will update this page with the latest news on this.

I have compiled a list of alternatives below:-

Here is a list of sites offering free software downloads

Microsoft Office – Word/Excel etc – Login to and download the suite. Download button top right screen.

Blender – 3D and 2D Animation – Click Here

Davinci – Video Editing – Click Here

List of Free Graphics SoftwareClick Here

Autodesk – CAD/3D Design – Click Here

List of Free Music Creation SoftwareClick Here



Teams – How To, Tips and Guides

We have put together a number of resources to help with Teams 

A Beginners Guide to Teams

Microsoft Teams Help and Learning

Communication with your collegues using Teams

Start a Chat in Teams

Please note you can have 100 participate in a group chat. However calling and video features are shut off above 20.