Personal Tutors List

Should you wish to contact you son or daughter's Personal Tutor regarding any issues please email the relevant person using the lists below:


Sophie Mngoma Head of Year 12
Daniel Guyte Head of Year 12
Anne Jackman Head of Year 13
Andy Pett Assistant Head of Year 13
Gina Marshall  Head of Year - Level 2 
Alison McGarvie Year 12 Tutor 
Anam Nazir Year 12 Tutor
Andrew Mountford Year 12 Tutor
Angharad George Year 12 Tutor
Arran Holcombe Year 12 Tutor
Christiane Zschommler Year 12 Tutor
Christine Wigman Year 12 Tutor
Ellie MacDonald Year 12 Tutor
Emilie Middleton Year 12 Tutor 
George Hollingdale Year 12 Tutor 
Hannah Leahy Year 12 Tutor
Heather Towns Year 12 Tutor
Helen Browning Year 12 Tutor
Hermione MacDonald-Thompson Year 12 Tutor
Jennifer Trimnell Year 12 Tutor
Jessica Burrage Year 12 Tutor
Jo Banham Year 12 Tutor
John Roberts Year 12 Tutor
Lauren Hounsome Year 12 Tutor
Leah Cunningham Year 12 Tutor
Leanne Gallagher Year 12 Tutor
Mary Neal  Year 12 Tutor
Mirko Morandi Year 12 Tutor
Naz Alam Year 12 Tutor
Nicola Eaves Year 12 Tutor
 Nikki Evenden Year 12 Tutor 
 Paul Stapleton Year 12 Tutor
 Sam Garson  Year 12 Tutor 
Samad Naheem Year 12 Tutor
Samantha Stares Year 12 Tutor
Sarah Thomas Year 12 Tutor
Sian Reeve Year 12 Tutor
Stephanie Anderson Year 12 Tutor
Tara Tarrant Year 12 Tutor
Terry Wilks Year 12 Tutor
Vanessa King  Year 12 Tutor  
Anna Power  Year 13 Tutor 
Cherrie Coxhill Year 13 Tutor
Claire Nevers Year 13 Tutor
Dale Hall Year 13 Tutor
David Harsent Year 13 Tutor
Emma Hobbs Year 13 Tutor
Hazel Abbotts Year 13 Tutor
Helen Richards Year 13 Tutor
Jamieson Brown Year 13 Tutor
Jason Bagshaw Year 13 Tutor
Jean-Paul Laurent Year 13 Tutor
Joshua Block Year 13 Tutor
Justine Charsley Year 13 Tutor
Laura Longthorne Year 13 Tutor
Lisa Ross Year 13 Tutor 
Liz Bentley-Pattison Year 13 Tutor
Maggie Tate Year 13 Tutor
Matt Klein Year 13 Tutor
Nilesh Jogoo Year 13 Tutor
Pippa Elstone Year 13 Tutor
Ray Vogt Year 13 Tutor
Richard Vardy Year 13 Tutor
Rob Harris Year 13 Tutor
Sally Cowl Year 13 Tutor
Stephen Fuller Year 13 Tutor
Steve Scott Year 13 Tutor
Susan Hammond Year 13 Tutor
Vasudha Raju Year 13 Tutor
Wendy Maund Year 13 Tutor
Chris Draper L2 Tutor
Christine Jelly L2 Tutor
Kirsty Angus L2 Tutor
Sarah Pearson L2 Tutor
Selina Mahmood L2 Tutor
Shanaal De Zoysa L2 Tutor