40 Nuns and a Vicar at Woking College!!!!!

40 Nuns and a Vicar at Woking College!!!!!

Sister Act, the Musical, came alive at Woking College this week with a cast of over 50 students and a live band. Each of the evening performances were sold out before the event.

Set in 1977 the smash musical and movie was initially made famous by Whoopi Goldberg’s’ magnificent performances. Not to be out done, Woking College students hosted standing ovations on each night.

The musical tells the story of glamourous night club singer Deloris Van Carter who witnesses her mobster boyfriend commit murder. Going into police protection Deloris is hidden by the Philadelphia Police Department in a convent disguised as a nun, and that is when the trouble starts!!

The production is a glitzy, feel good extravaganza with loads of disco music and big musical numbers from the era.

Directed by Clare Nevers, Head of Performing Arts and Musical arrangements by Anna Power, Head of Music, Clare congratulated students on their professionalism and dedication in putting on a blockbuster of a show after only 12 rehearsals.

Student Rhiannon Drane who plays Deloris Van Carter commented “I have loved being part of Sister Act. The fabulous costumes, wonderful cast and creative team have made it a truly magical experience”

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