Health Fair Raises Teenage Awareness

This week Woking College Health & Social Care students ran an extremely well attended Health Fair to highlight issues which affect young people today.

All students at the College were encouraged to attend the fair and turnout was excellent

Stalls run by students included “Teenage Mental Health”, “Eating Disorders”, “Healthy Eating”, “Sun Safety”, “Sexual Health” and “Stop Smoking”. These are issues which are in the news every day and students wanted to show the help and support available.

As well as stalls run by students outside providers such as Catalyst, Link Able, Woking Leisure Centre and Young Carers offered advice and guidance.

Student Lucy Cummings said “The Health Fair gave us an amazing opportunity to work as a team and heighten the awareness of issues that affect young people.

Christine Wigman, teacher of Health & Social Care commented “It was great to see so many students get involved and talk about issues that may otherwise be avoided”