Little Shop of Horrors at Woking College

Students at Woking College staged the musical production “Little Shop of Horrors” to packed audiences with all tickets sold out before the three night run.

The musical is set in the downtrodden community of Skid Row where opportunities are limited and poverty is rife. The story follows a hapless florist shop worker who raises an exotic plant in order to woo his fellow shop worker Audrey away from sadistic dentist boyfriend.

Little does he know that the plant feeds on human flesh and blood and grows into an unstoppable force for evil. But what lengths will our love struck hero go to for wealth and power.

Whilst hugely entertaining with big musical numbers and great humour the play is an analogy of the spread of greed and wealth in society today.

With a cast of over 30 young actors and dancers and a live band the production played to standing ovations each night.

Directed by Clare Nevers, Head of Performing Arts with musical arrangements by Anna Power, Head of Music, Clare congratulated students on their professionalism and dedication in putting on a thought provoking show after only 12 rehearsals.

Student Lilja Hickford who played the female lead of Audrey commented “Being part of the production was a fantastic experience thanks to a wonderful cast and creative team. I loved every second!


Photography: Anthony Gurr

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