Stars of Mathematics and Sciences

A multitude of Woking College students have been recognised for their outstanding achievements in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. With over 100 students receiving awards following their participation in some of the U. K’s toughest academic and practical challenges.

In Mathematics, a record sixty-one students received Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the National Maths Olympiad.

In Biology, five students gained awards in the British Biology Olympiad which is designed to stretch and expand the talents of the UK’s top aspiring biologists

In Chemistry, eleven students received awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad. The Royal Society of Chemistry quotes “this is a highly challenging test of chemical knowledge and gives students the opportunity to develop skills required for study at university and beyond”

In Physics, a team of students took part in the highly selective McLaren Challenge where their competitively produced car was scored highly by McLaren engineers.

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