Students Raise Over £750 In Charity Fair

On Tuesday, students at Woking College staged a Charity Extravaganza with the aim to raise as much money in 40 minutes to donate to their chosen charities.

Charities which benefited included Teenage Cancer Trust and Genetic Disorders U.K.

Over £750 was raised in this short time. A credit to our student community.

Over 25 different events were staged amongst the most popular were….

  • Head Shaving where a very brave Usman Khan volunteered his lustrous locks to be shaved in support of Genetic Disorders U.K. Raising a hair raising £130 from fellow students.
  • Live Music Requests were belted out by the talented Ethan Phillips, Molly Hall and Mason Myers accompanied by the… not so talented voices of hundreds of Woking College students.
  • Wax your legs. Surprisingly most of the takers in this event were the boys! With female students taking great pleasure administering hot wax strips as the boys screamed in pain. Wimps!
  • The Skittles Challenge where students had to transport as many of the    Skittles sweets with chopsticks in one minute. The Challenge was won by Charles Feinson with an impressive 67.
  • And last but not least… Douse the teacher! But this was no ordinary wet sponge attack. Good sport Frankie Flood (Teacher of Sport) volunteered to be doused in an appetising mix of baked beans, curry sauce, tuna, ketchup and water. Students paid heartily to see the results!
    Other Events included, The Doughnut Challenge, Candy Floss stall, Basketball Challenge and Ping Pong in a cup.

Daniel Guyte, Head of Year at Woking College who organised the event commented. “This event is really special, to see the whole College pull together to raise money for charity is amazing. The atmosphere was electric and everyone had a great time in aid of great causes.