Woking College Results Day 2020

Press Release

Following a very different and difficult year, we can now say that we are pleased with another excellent set of grades this year.  The pass rate was once again at 99%. 60% achieving high grades and that means Woking College students gained over 1000 examination results at A*-B or equivalent and so the vast majority of students will get into their first choice university or onto that much-cherished apprenticeship course.

These grades reflect the dedication of students and staff and largely reflect our high expectations of students.  The Principal, Brett Freeman said, “most importantly what this means is that we ensure that we have succeeded in our first priority: giving our students the widest range of personal choices in their future education and careers”. He went on to thank the staff of the College – “these tremendous successes to a great extent a product of students working within a community, albeit a virtual one for the last few months, of enthusiastic and supportive teachers and the drive and self-belief that engenders in the College’s students”.

The Principal emphasised the importance of the immense progress students make at Woking College: “what is so pleasing are the results of the students who arrived with relatively low GCSE scores, but then demonstrated amazing advances during their time with us and now qualify for top universities and apprenticeships”.

The processes as set out by the Government that led to the proposal of grades by the College to the exam boards was followed assiduously by The College, but the method for calculating grades as applied by the examination boards has resulted in a small minority of students being disappointed with their results. The Principal stressed that “we will do everything we can to address any unjustifiably low grades awarded and parents can be assured that we will be robust in our approach to any unfairness that may lead to inappropriately limited university and apprenticeship choices for our students as they leave College”