Woking College win top awards at Maidenhead Drama Festival 2019

Woking College Students win top awards at Maidenhead Drama Festival.

Woking College Theatre Company won the Maidenhead Drama Festival for the 5th year running! They performed Education, Education, Education by the Wardrobe Ensemble. The play set in 1997 follows Tobias, a German language assistant on placement in Wordsworth comprehensive school as he explores the English education system on the day after Toby Blair has won the general election. This bold and creative comedy asks questions about the value of education and what we are taught and why.

The adjudicator praised the cast of 12 for their expressive physical ensemble work and bold characterisations as well as the inventiveness of the direction.

In total they picked up 4 awards :-

Overall Winners

Best Youth Production

Best Stage Presentation

Backstage Award.

They now progress to the All England Theatre Festival semi –final in June. Before this they will be performing at the Leatherhead Festival on 15th May.